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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Truths and Lies about Forex Investment

Is all of investments give you an advantage? Of course not. The fact is that they are not a black and white area where everything is visible as the theory taught in the book. We would be in a world of gray color that often is external factors can cause shocks in our investments. 

Here are some truths and lies in forex investations. More curiously lies, I will discuss it first before I finally finish with a reasonable truth:

1.There is a type of investment that is certainly lucky if we join it.

It is a big lie, that it is not the ethical marketing exhaled by the investment (which is also not ethical) companies to pursue the abundance of funds in the company.

Please note that none of the investment that can give you the security that you are indeed lucky if you follow inside. Not even saving deposits also (this really is not classified as investments again due to the increase in prices is usually greater than the saving of interest) or banking.

All investments have risks. Including banking products that bloom indeed small. What happens if the bank where you embed your funds then bankrupt while funds do not guarantee by Government? It can of course happen. So you know no certainty there is no 100% of profits when you decide to invest.

The truth: The investment usually follows the comparison of existing risk against its profitability. This means that the greater the advantage it had obtained then the greater the risk that may occur. And vice versa if you opt for a low-risk investment, becomes capable of a limited offer. Although the investment is a bit ridiculous (that do not follow), i.e., that the high-performance low-risk.

2.Investment is only for wealthy people.

This statement is true but it was 10 years ago. Sometimes when the investment is mainly the financial sector continues to be new things in the community. But not with investments in the sector today.

This is due to the lack of knowledge in the society puts on the investment. To say nothing of the image formed from many years before, they had a private financial investment, tagged as such. But once the investment is always changing and increasingly socialized. We, who should participate in learning.

The truth: Some investments recorded a minor nature and almost the same as saving capital takes only a couple of 100 thousand dollars only. 

Even in Forex which was once known as investment instruments for the super rich (big kids) already is not the case because it has been a very retail. Compared with 10 years ago that funding must be a minimum of $10,000.

3.Investing is only for scholars because it is difficult.

It is not. It is not true at all. Even otherwise, the investment is not like applying for a job and need a variety of academic and experience requirements to be accepted. Who you are, you can begin to invest and is not difficult. The investment is also not only for smart people. Some of my clients in the futures trading of global investment (which is even known as the more complicated investments) is students.

Truth: In some models of investment can send their funds to an investment manager that can manage their funds professionally and simply accept the result only. If you want maximum results again, of course, you have to lend a hand to manage it themselves (active investors). Not as difficult as most people imagine. I quite understand instruments existing analysis, financial and psychological effects settings, can now become the investment manager by itself.

4.It is difficult to invest in the financial sector if they live in the village.

The world is connected through the internet and banking networks are globalizing. Do any material created by the author only through a computer in the bedroom while sitting on top of the padded mattress comfort even this school? Excellent comfort in the home, the curriculum has been enjoyed by thousands of people anywhere. In fact the remote area.

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