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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Forex, The Way to Make Money from Home

Forex, The Way to Make Money from Home
Forex trading method has been growing rapidly and no longer uses a phone, therefore, we will only teach you how to forex trading online (Online ForexTrading) and does not discuss the mechanism of conventional trade by using the phone.

To be able to perform forex transactions online, then you need a program or software that has been installed. The software is often referred to as a platform. There is also some forex platform that does not need to be installed and can be run directly through the browser because it runs on a Java Plugin.

Currently, there are dozens of types of forex trading platform, and every forex broker using different platforms. Not a problem, because basically, forex platform is the same. Maybe a little different is just the appearance and layout. But broadly speaking, the facilities provided more or less equally between one another.

To simplify the discussion, of course, we have to choose one of deciding platform to use the platform and facilities. Please register to forex demo account in one of the many forex brokers spread across the internet, then download the trading platform is used.

Demo Account

First, you need to know to learning forex practically a facility called a demo account.

As one who is new in the world of forex, will you invest funds amounting to $10,000 on an investment that you have never tried before? Of course not! I'm not too stupid to infuse my funds, while I don't know what I would do!

Demo account eliminates this problem. The demo account is provided by a broker with the aim to providing an opportunity for you to learn to trade forex using virtual money but with a rate that is actually just the way you are doing a real forex trading. The difference is, the money used is the virtual money aka fake money. On a demo account, you will be given a number of funds (big enough) to be able to perform the action of selling or a variety of other facilities provided by the platform. Each registrant of a demo account will be given a User ID and Password which can be obtained by registering on the registration form.

In addition to the Java Base, you can also try Metatrader Demo Account. MetaTrader is also used for a Demo or Live Account at

Following is the display MetaTrader of Capital Gain/

Forex, The Way to Make Money from Home

OK, after we have received a User ID and Password, the next what shall we do? Yes, of course, start your demo account. Login to Demo Account and Password you already get.

Each forex trading platforms have standard facilities in it, from the menu to perform Buy/Sell orders, balance, charts, news, and other additional facilities. Some platforms provide opportunities for automated trading, it's the addition of a script on a platform that allows trading to done automatically by a computer program.

Now, with online forex platform like this, leave the thought that trading through exchanges and shouting as commonly seen on TV is cool. Indeed it was tiring and stressful. Online trading is much cooler. From home, in a room, you can enjoy a cup of hot tea. No need to get caught up congestion, no need to get out from the house, what else do you need?

Heh ... it was like a wonderful dream instead?

Wait a minute.

It is indeed a beautiful dream, but it only happens if you have a profit in your forex trade! Well, if you lose then all the dream became a nightmare because you just throw your money through your beloved rooms. Thus, forex can be an easy way to earn money from home. The opposite can also be a way to easily dispose your money from home. Simple, isn't it?

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