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Monday, August 28, 2017

Is Forex Trading Legal?

Is Forex Trading Legal?

One doubts that always hangs in most beginners in Forex investors is whether the practice is even legal or illegal? You also “suffer” with that doubt? Do not worry because today we put an end to it! Check!

The first point we have to point out to you is the market really exists even if only through the virtual world. There is no illegality in a Brazilian making any investment in a foreign country, which can be, for example, the purchase of a house to purchase any financial instrument provided that the correct standards are obviously applied, especially those previously defined Brazil’s Central Bank, thus being conducted by institutions which are made regularly to exercise this activity.

There is another way clearer and more obvious to explain that yes the Forex really there and not there is also a simpler way to explain that nor is there any illegality in a Brazilian invest abroad.
What there are brokers and fraudulent operators can take advantage of “innocence” or even no information of some people and end up making a lot of money on certain people.

There are Forex brokers in Brazil, only abroad!

The CVM has received numerous complaints and inquiries Forex market operations in which there is abroad and has been very common to be offered to investors in Brazil. To give you an idea in 2005 to 2008 were opened over 104 administrative proceedings and most to be investigated several very well-structured schemes to win the Brazilian public investment in other countries, which are used for Web sites that are in your most fully specialized to effect such transactions.
Is Forex Trading Legal?

Be very wary if some broker gives you some kind of investment in Forex, because here in Brazil it does not exist! Also do not fall into wordy traders indicating that you invest your money through their behalf, it is also an illegal practice. What you can do is you open an account to make such an investment and make a power of attorney for the trader make the operations!

We hope you have understood once and for all so the Forex islegal in Brazil and that you should only take great care not to fall into wordiness of many scoundrels that exist in this area!


Forex is an international market without specific nationality without headquarters built and working, 24/24 hours for 7 days a week and 365 the year. Believe it or not, moves a daily fortune and is the largest and most liquid in the world.

However, trading in the Forex in Latin America, it can only be done by institutions or individuals who are duly authorized by any type of brokerage of real estate values, varying from country to country, in order to effectively perform the activity. In all countries where financial transactions take place, there is a training clients and resources which are subject to agreements and local regulations, as well as foreign brokers are registered in their countries of origin invest money with a foreign broker is cool, but it’s always recommended to check the existence of the record of this.
Is Forex Trading Legal?

The Forex is a legal market?

First, we must emphasize that this is a market that really exists, even if virtual, as is his real legality in Latin America. The advantages both in Latin America and throughout the world is the possibility of inclusion and joining the small investors Forex market. Entry only requires a minimum amount of capital, opening the Forex for all investors. So I can be a minor investor and exchange of money in Forex? The answer is yes. But wait, before you start to develop the knowledge of how to negotiate and what marketing strategies adopted, it is good to understand some basic principles is in order.

One of currency trading features is that profits can be made in minutes, even seconds, as opposed to what could have been investing in stocks. This is attributable to rapid and random variations that occur in the forex market, therefore, it is this feverish atmosphere that you can make money fast. And yes again, the smallest investor can make a good income in the Forex market, the board is to monitor the market for you and send any updates to the importance to your computer, cell phone or pager. This way you can keep up with market changes as they occur in real time, giving you a greater chance of making the best commercial trials and this has benefited many people especially in Latin America, to compete on equal terms with large investors Globe North Block.

So we hope you will be the next to enter this negotiation passing 24 hours a day in this market that is highly accessible and highly liquid. Do not forget the opportunity is always at your fingertips!


Most queries and complaints shows that many investors in the FOREX market are unaware of its operation.

Learn what it is and how the FOREX market in Brazil. Forex or FX is the acronym for Foreign Exchange.

It is an international market in which people and institutions have offered illegal applications of FOREX in Brazil, a kind of local agent of foreign brokers, capturing customers and resources to enable investments abroad.

The real investor in FOREX is what has direct access to the market and that actually puts buying and selling of currency pairs of orders together with the foreign regulators registered brokers.

In Brazil, the “trader” seeks to capture local customers to collect resources and put in FOREX with the help of people who present themselves as representatives or agents, sometimes organized into “companies” advisory or asset management.
Is Forex Trading Legal?

How the illegal scheme

The “trader” to increase their ability to raise money, can operate with several “companies”. They act as brokers, but informally. Often they are people who understand nothing of the FOREX market, just making the capture of local investors willing to put money, luring them with the promise of increased profitability, “easy money” by “certain gain.”

That propaganda activity, using all available means, but prioritize the dissemination via the Internet, with specialized pages, discussion forums, chats, e-mail marketing, among others.

To pass a solid impression, some sites appear to represent financial market institutions. The forums highlight the obtained profits. There is always a testimonials section, with reports of individuals who made money in the FOREX market, but you can not know if they are real or fictitious.

The sites exhibit much information as possible to reassure investors and encourage him to enter the scheme. Such persons or informal enterprises receive the “trader” remuneration for customer operations. The higher the clientele, the higher the gain.

The real link with the foreign broker (“Broker”) is the “trader”, since it is he who gives the orders and sets out the strategies.