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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Forex Supply and Demand Trading Strategy

Forex Supply and Demand Trading Strategy
As taught by Master Samibegood:

I want to start this article with a little introduction to fellow forex traders. I have worked in the financial world almost 20 years, both professionally and after early retirement from formal work. This work has brought me on what I aspire, both in terms of financial quality and quality of life.

The intensity and the ability to analyze really be a major attraction of this work. Therefore, I intend to share my experiences and forex trading strategies that I use, which may be useful to fellow traders.

There are the words "Once a Dealer Always a Dealer" which turned out to be really valid. Currently, I enjoy trading from home as I enjoyed while still being part of a professional bank trader.

I think this prolog about forex trading for beginners is enough. In this article, I tried to discuss several issues related to trade mechanisms that underpin the success of a career as a trader, namely:

  1. Technical Analysis

In this discussion, the subject will be more of the basic things that many people involved in this field has been forgotten; the trading system under the law of Supply and Demand.

  1. Intermarket Analysis

The linkage between the various existing market and the forex market is one part of the financial market world as a whole. Then I'll try to include factors such as fundamental analysis, trading psychology and risk management in the discussion.
Thus, although the Supply and Demand Forex Trading Strategy is simple, but we could have a pretty strong foundation as a trader. If you have decided to become a professional trader, you should know that you have chosen a very challenging job but the reward is incredible.

And you should begin to realize that you are not only competing with another retail trader, but with people who are more competent in this field; against the biggest, brightest, most greedy minds in the world. They are investment banks, hedge funds, and corporate banks. Let's call them as the Big Boys. They have the ability and resources to always be in the market when you are helpless and then out of the game.

They are like ‘predators’ in the sea of international investment. Call it names such as Barclays Bank of England, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland, Sumitomo Mitsui, ING Bank, Banking Corp., and others.

See the pictures below as an 'appetizer', so you get an idea of what the real world of financial is?

Forex Supply and Demand Trading Strategy

This is Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), which its trading floor have 1400 seats consists of four parts, namely fixed income, commodities, stocks, and currency traders. UBS trading floor is one of the largest if not the largest known in the world.

JP Morgan in New York trading floor was almost the size of a football field and has branches in almost all the world. There is a famous anecdote among retail traders: "I have a bag of rocks and my opponents have nuclear weapons in his hands."

Forex Supply and Demand Trading Strategy
The pictured above is a trading room of CitiBank, London.

Forex Supply and Demand Trading Strategy
The picture above is from the trading floor of Knight Capital

The picture above is the trading floor of Knight Capital, has about 300 seats. Is one market maker which is a reference for other institutional traders.